Lime Tree House
Lime Tree House a Christian Science nursing facility.
Quiet Reflection
Enjoy quiet reflection in the Lime Tree House Conservatory
Daily Menus
Freshly prepared food by our cook.
Spiritual Refreshment
Spiritual Refreshment in our beautiful Garden
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  • Lime Tree House
  • Quiet Reflection
  • Daily Menus
  • Spiritual Refreshment

Admission Enquiries should be made to the Christian Science Nursing Department by telephone 0161 973 7956. An assessment of the care needs will be made over the telephone, which will then be considered by the Admissions Committee. Prospective patients must be receiving Christian Science treatment from a Christian Science practitioner listed in the current issue of the Christian Science Journal.

Transportation. Lime Tree House will assist patients to travel to the house, provided they are fit to do so. Otherwise admissions will need to be brought in by private ambulance. This will be discussed during the assessment process and arranged if required.

Funding. Because we are a Registered Charity patients availing themselves of Christian Science nursing care at Lime Tree House are only expected to pay what they can reasonably afford. Grants for the outstanding balances are available from The Aid Fund for Christian Scientists in Need of Nursing Care and the Lime Tree House Benevolent Fund, on application to the Administrator.
Rest & Study charge: This is £95 per night. please call us to check availability.